Personal and Modern Issues

  • Unit Name: Personal and Modern Issues
  • Unit Code: F2MD3
  • Level: Foundation
  • Duration: 10 weeks
  • Manchester: Saturday's 9:30am
  • Birmingham: Sunday's 9:30am
  • Cost: £ 30


As Muslims we perform acts of worship such as praying and charity. However, modern day life throws many other challenges at those wanting to practice their faith. One of the biggest challenges is knowing what is lawful (halal) and what is unlawful (haram). With further advances in living come more questions, especially for Muslims in the West. This course has been carefully crafted to give you the most authentic Islamic answers to the toughest questions including:

Is alcohol based perfume permissible to use?

Can I have hair extensions, tattoos or shape my eyebrows?

Are blood transfusions and organ transplants permitted?

Can I use medicines that have alcohol in them?

Am I permitted to take out a mortgage to buy a house?

What about student loans; are they allowed?

Are pyramid schemes, bonds, and shares permitted?

What is the correct Islamic view on forex trading?

Are abortions allowed?

Unit Aims:

  • Understanding the Goals of Islam (Maqasid al-Sharia).
  • Analysing factors which can render something unlawful into lawful.
  • Exploring the concepts of necessity, need, culture, and common practice and their application to Islamic rulings.
  • Understanding the correct method for addressing modern issues.
  • Identifying the authentic views for some modern queries.

What will I learn?

You will learn about:

  • Different levels of lawfulness.
  • The rulings of contemporary financial issues including shares, bonds, finance purchase, currency exchange, mortgages and student loans.
  • The rulings of contemporary medical issues including abortion, organ donation, organ transplantation, blood transfusions, skin grafting, cosmetic surgery, and alcohol based medicines.
  • The rulings of common contemporary issues such as smoking, contraception, alcohol based toiletries and ingredients, animal based ingredients, whey powders, and keeping pets.
  • The seven factors which allow qualified scholars to change legal rulings.

What will I achieve?

By the end of this unit, you should be able to:

  • Analyse your daily actions and take steps to ensure you’re adhering to the lawful and avoiding the unlawful.
  • Describe the spiritual impact of not avoiding unlawful matters.
  • Describe the correct approach to finding answers to modern questions.
  • Identify and explain how and why legal rulings can change.
  • Explain the ruling on several contemporary issues.

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